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Welcome to the GAWE Forum - Introduce Yourself Here

  • 1.  Welcome to the GAWE Forum - Introduce Yourself Here

    Posted 01-22-2016 16:29

    Hello GAWE Members,

    Welcome to the new GAWE Members Forum. This is a new benefit which is exclusively for member’s only. The great thing about it is that it’s super easy to use. The idea behind this forum is that it allows us all to easily ask each other questions and share experiences/answers. To help launch our community, I’d like all members to start by simply replying to this email and answering these 3 questions:

    1. What made you get involved with GAWE? (if you have any ideas on how to grow GAWE, please share).

    2. How long have you considered yourself an entrepreneur? (share your first entrepreneurial experience if you’d like)

    3. Share one fun fact about yourself which others might find interesting.

    My final request is that you each take a moment to ensure your profile is complete (be sure to upload a photo). This is all locked down so only members can see based on your own privacy settings – it’s really just to help us get to know each other.

    The email address to this member forum is: Please add this to your address book and use it anytime you want to ask a question of the rest of the group.

    Welcome again and I look forward to engaging with you all.


    Lucia Quachey
    Ghana Association of Women Entrepreneurs (GAWE)