Mission and Vision

“To be the empowering agent to facilitate the development of dynamic women entrepreneurs in Ghana, by strengthening their entrepreneurial capacities, and support government policies which focus on the growth of MSMEs in the formal and informal sectors, through the provision of services which includes training, market information dissemination, economic networking, credit, technology transfer, promotion of non-traditional exports ,  advocacy and lobby for policies that will enhance the active participation of Ghanaian women entrepreneurs in both the national and global economies”.
GAWE will be where all women entrepreneurs enjoy the benefits of high business performance and improved living standards with strong mentorship program and continue with intensity our wide exposure of members to the world markets and international quality standards in production, packaging and exports.

To achieve our mission, GAWE undertakes need-oriented activities for the benefit of members, youths, and others willing to become self-employed--
In GAWE we want to close the economic, social and cultural gaps that weaken the women’s ability to grow from subsistence to small medium and large enterprises like their male counterparts. We would use our past experiences, creativity and assets to deliver our vision.

These are:

➢    Create platform for women to network economically through workshops, seminars, conferences, fora and exchange programs to enhance knowledge, improve skills,
➢    spark motivation and encourage action required to foster the development of women and youth as entrepreneurs and exporters
➢    Continuous entrepreneurship/management training for members and youths
➢    Expose members to the use of appropriate technologies to improve quality of products and increase productivity and expand their businesses,
➢    Actively engage in policy dialogue with government to promote conclusive private entrepreneurial environment for growth of women.
➢    Seek and create market / business promotion activities e.g. Trade Fairs, Investment For a in Ghana, intra – African trade and inter – continental trade.
➢    Organise trade missions to other countries of the world.
➢    Collect, share and disseminate information relevant to the development of women entrepreneur’s growth and that of the private sector including information on current government policies and programs as they relate to the growth of formal SMEs and socio – economic problems of promoting the informal MSMEs and non – traditional export sectors.
➢    Institute mechanisms for mobilizing funds through special levy, membership dues and fund raising activities
➢    Establishment of a Mutual Guarantee Scheme to build up enough capital to constitute as a collateral security.
➢    Seek assistance from donor agencies and other development organizations for use as a revolving fund and for institutional strengthening for the association.
➢    Collaborate and affiliate with national, sub – regional and continental organisations of similar stature, aims and objectives, such as AFWE, IFWE, WASME, GEA, AGI, PEF, CAABWA, ECOWAS, COMESA, AU, all UN Agencies and systems.
➢    Build data bank as a basis for early access to information and policy formation and policy formulation of the Association.
➢    Carry out research to identify information on rural and urban enterprises in order to gradually build their capacity and bring them into the tax budget thereby widening the tax net.
➢    Advice MOWAC and other agencies on matters of interest to the Association and to integrate women entrepreneurs efforts more effectively into nation development programs

 In order to enhance the active participation of African Women Entrepreneurs in the national, regional and global economy.