Members operate in different sectors of industries. It comprises of wide and divergent spectrum of industries ranging from micro, small and rural enterprises using traditional technology on one hand, to small, medium and large-scale industries, using modern sophisticated technology on the other hand.

GAWE enjoys a membership of over 2550.  And an outreach cooperative group made up of over 20,000 people.  Majority of these outreach members have grown from subsistent to small enterprises to become members of the organization.

Some of the sectors are:
Commercial food processing, handicrafts, clothing and fashion accessories, timber,  wood and rattan furniture products, textiles/batik tie & dye, the cosmetology  industry/hairdressing saloons, pharmaceuticals, hotel & tourism, real estates, interior decorations, horticulture, aluminum households utensils production, computer forms and security printings, agriculture machine fabrication, Audio Visual Production,  Production of documentaries, and book & magazine Publishing industry.

Others are:
Advertising, Haulage, business law, consulting, interpretation and translation, journalism, insurance, accounting, banking, the art industry and private day-care centers and schools.