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         GAWE MANAGEMENT                
A board is elected every four years at a General Assembly and supported by regional Presidents and staff manage GAWE.
A mix of energetic, talented members of staff with various duties and responsibilities, holding their first degrees but exceptionally dedicated, handles GAWE’s day to day administration. 

GAWE’s administrative structure includes Executive Council, Director, Program Coordinator, Administrator, Secretary, Accountant, Receptionist and the Driver.    There are different departments/committees under these structures i.e. Finances Committee, Project Committee, Education and Training Committees, Information and Documentation, Marketing and Research and Development Committees.

SHORT BIOGRAPHY OF LUCIA QUACHEY ( Founder & President of Ghana Association of Women 
Entrepreneurs )  


“She Inspires, Engages and Equip women and youth through entrepreneurship that transforms their lives and serve as agents of change in their families and society”.

HER VISION:  “She helps women and youth transform their lives in Ghana and Africa at large; collaborates with women’s focused organizations who deal with the daily realities that affect women; through initiatives and interventions that enable women see, understand, claim and demand their rights to improve their livelihoods.

Lucia Quachey (Mrs.) is an Industrialist, a Consultant and a Researcher in production –related activities of women with the ability to manage for profit and social enterprises.

 As an Industrialist, she established Lucia Fashion Spot in 1969 as an informal enterprise, managed it from inception to a corporate company in 1981. She is the CEO of Lucia Manufacturing Industry Limited.

As a Consultant, she relates her entrepreneurial experience to facilitate the establishment micro enterprises among rural and urban poor women operating at subsistent levels.  She established Micro Rural Enterprise Development and Consultancy Company (MIREDCO) to offer consultancy services in production related activates of women and to facilitate the establishment and management of nonprofit organizations.  She train both literate and illiterate women and youth on how to start and manage business, She is the Founder/President of Association of Women in Development Experts (AWIDE), Founding member and past President of Ghana Federation of Business and Professional Women (GFBPW) 1978-1991, Past Project Committee member for Africa for international Federation of Business and Professional Women (IFBPW) 1991- 1993, Founding member and Secretary General of African Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (AFWE) 1991- Founder/President of Ghana Association of Entrepreneurs (GAWE), Vice President of International Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (IFWE), Founding member and Vice President: ECOWAS Federation of Women in Business and Entrepreneurs (ECOWAS – FEBWE) 2009---; and President BPW Accra Ghana 2012.

She gained recognition for empowering women through micro / small enterprises and her achievements as a Development Practitioner.

Ashoka Fellow for her innovative ideas (1994);Among the First 5000 Women of the World (1989), International who is who of women (1990);

International Who is Who of Business and Professional Women (1997);Among 100 women of the World who have made Impact on the lives of women (1994); Africa Who is Who (1996);  Woman of the Year Award (1995 and 1997); Entrepreneurship Award for Leadership (1996);

International Award in Serving Women Entrepreneurs of Africaby World Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME)(1997); In Recognition for her Selfless Service and Outstanding Leadership to Women all over Africa by African Chamber of Commerce in Dallas/Ft. Worth (1997);

 Global Award from Business Women’s Network Washington DC (1999);

 Women Transforming the Continent at African World Expo in Detroit Michigan (1999);

 Citation from Institute of Industrial Research for Outstanding Performance as a member of the management board (2004);Noble International Award in recognition of her status as an Eminent West African who upholds the Virtues of Honesty, Integrity and Accountability, by West Africa International Magazine (2005); Citation in recognition of her support and dedication to SIFE Accra Polytechnic, enabling people achieve their dreams through Free Enterprise (2008); ),A TV Africa recognition of women achievers in Ghana (Mba Mo) 2009; Recognized as a Phenomenal Woman in Ghana 2012; GWIIN Honor

She made numerous presentations and deliver papers at conferences on issues pertinent to women and micro, small and medium enterprises at National, Regional and Global Conferences and Co-authored three books:

1.    Maintaining the Momentum of Beijing, Part 1:  Gender Development in Ghana: 

      The Beijing Factor, Pg.55

2.    Entrepreneurship in Africa:  A STUDY OF SUCCESS

3.    Africa, Continent of Economic Opportunity.

She served on many boards, both at local and international level,

Steering Committee member for EMPRETEC Ghana Foundation, a UNDP/UNCTAD facilitate the growth of local investors; Member of the United Nations Office for Small and Least Developed Countries (UNOSCAL) Task Force on Informal Sector Development in Africa, (1994-2001); Council member Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) 1989 – 1993,

Council member:  Ghana National Chamber of commerce and Industry, 1996 -1998.

 Management board member Institute for Industrial Research of CSIR 1998 – 2006; 

Technical organizing committee member of OAU on Regional Trade Fairs 1997-2000;

UNECA/ACW Committee member:  women and development 1999-2004;

Steering Committee, for Africa Center for Civic Society UNECA/DMD, Member 1999-2002;Ghana Fisheries Commission Member1999 2002;

Ghana Alternative Employment Committee of the Ministry of Employment and Human Resources Development 1999-2004;ECOWAS Federation of Women in Business and Women Entrepreneurs (FEBWE) Founding Member 2009---;ILO Steering Committee on Workplace HIV/AIDS Member 2005------.

Board Chair person for Management Committee of National Vocational Training Institute, Kanda Career Training Centre 2006 ----

       She is a Widow with 6 children

ADDRESS: P.O. BOX AN7600, ACCRA- NORTH, ACCRA, GHANA;     TEL/FAX: +233-(0) 30-7011413,

         CELL: +23354 627 0874 / 23327 995 5664;

E-mail: gawegh@gmail.com, lucia@qcsgh.com

Website: www.ghanawomenentrepreneurs.org