‘To be the empowering agent to facilitate the development of dynamic National Associations of Women Entrepreneurs in all African countries by strengthening and supporting country-led initiatives which focus on the growth of enterprises in the formal and informal productive sector through the provision of services including training, information dissemination, networking, credit, technology transfer, export promotion, investment promotion and advocate and lobby for policies that promote the growth of micro small and medium size enterprises and the informal productive sector,
 through the provision of services including the following:

•    Education and Training in entrepreneurship, management and ICT
•    Information dissemination
•    Economic networking to increase market share via Internet, and E-commerce
•    Access to Finance and Credit and establishment of Mutual Guarantee Fund and Investment Bank for Women
•    Access to affordable technology and technology transfer
•    Investment promotion in non-traditional export products
•    Policy advocacy and  lobbying for rapid regional integration and implementation of other protocols and treaties
•    Intra-African and Inter-continental trade promotion
•    Exchange programs
•    Set up service centers and regional show rooms for women’s exportable products in order to enhance the active participation of African women entrepreneurs in the national and global economy